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Adventures in Medicine

We are now knee deep in the medical process and it’s interesting. The nurse who took a blood sample to test it for HIV, Hepatitis A-Z and heaps of other things was such in a rush she almost ran out of the room while the needle was still in my arm!

Apparently since Peace Corps isn’t an Australian volunteer program our insurance doesn’t cover the medical process. Darn.

Will’s story is much more interesting. I’ll see if I can motivate him to write about it!

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Our medical packets came yesterday, finally. I went to the clinic on campus to investigate how much money we’d have to hand over for all of this stuff and apparently it doesn’t cost a dime. I made an appointment for my eye exam on Monday and one for my phsycial on Wednesday. I have no idea who long it takes for test results to come back, but I can’t imagine it taking more than 2 weeks. This whole dental business I know will cost plenty because we have no insurance through our university and apparently the advice they gave me at the clinic was to look in the Yellow Pages and choose a Chinese dentist- because they’re cheaper. We’ll see how that works.

I’m not too happy about this whole having to get two pairs of glasses ordeal, it seems rather expensive. I’m down to my last month supply of contact lenses and am debating on whether or not I should refill the prescription or if I should just start wearing those glasses. Well, I guess they will make me look smarter. That’s always a plus. On the other hand, my step-mother and brother got laser eye surgery, why can’t I? I’ll have to look into that next time I’m in Colombia.

I actually served myself a glass of wine and sat down with the medical packet and read its contents- page by page. It was like a celebration because we’re one step closer to the cake. One we actually get there it’s going to taste like a piece of heaven, I just know it.

I’m not sure how long it takes to get medically cleared but my estimate is around 2 months or so after they recieve the documents. I’m assuming they will get to ours relatively quickly as our departure date is early summer.

But we’ll see about that. Peace Corps is full of surprises. I’ve got a 50cent bet going with Will about our Peace Corps destination.

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Fancy Guesswork

Our medical and dental packets should be coming in the post any day now. We’re so glad we were nominated before November because now we can make our appointments at the campus clinic, instead of waiting until we get back from Thailand in February to start the process. We’re hoping to have all of our papers returned before the end of the academic year (November) and not have to think about when we will be getting medically cleared because we’ll be busy riding elephants in Thailand for 2 months.

We think we could be going to any of the following countries Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador. Our guessing isn’t based on departure dates, obviously because that could change, but on countries which have traditionaly requested volunteers in the areas we were nominated for. I just read that El Salvador began a youth development program this year in June, which is combined with Municipal Development- the exact programs we were nominated for.

Guessing is so fun!

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