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Medical Clearance is here!!!!!!!!

A zillion copies, 6 faxes, 4 phone calls, 5 emails, 2 mail-offs later and 2.5 months later the clearance is granted. The same day we faxed in the “missing” lab reports they granted us medical clearance.

We still haven’t received that letter they sent us on the 23rd of November asking for the missing information. I guess it’s never going to come.

If it’s true that you don’t need to have your dental documents in before getting an invitation, then we should be hearing from the placement office by the end of January–based on some unofficial sources of course.

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I randomly decided to send an email to one of the medical screening assistants just to triple check that our documents had arrived, which they did on the 15th of November. However, they send our a letter on the 23rd of November requesting missing information–which as of the 13th of December has not arrived!

What could possibly be missing? And why weren’t we advised of this missing information in more timely fasion?

We could have left for Thailand and they could have been waiting us for to fill a request we weren’t even aware of. I became quite upset this morning at the thought of missing our invitation deadline, which is March 21st.

We return from Thailand during the first week of March…cuttin’ it close!

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I’ve been wondering for some time how I’m meant to dress as a volunteer. Some girls are obsessed with shoes, others with jewelry–I like my belts.

I’m thinking this just isn’t going to cut it for Central America–I’ve got to go a bit more basic I think. But what does that mean? T-shirts and pants or skirts? Am I meant to dress in a comparable to women in my community? Would it be the difference between getting dressed and being dressed up? Putting on whatever you find first vs putting in some (serious) thought into what you put on?

I guess when we actually do get invited to wherever we’re going, they’ll send us information on how we’re meant to dress.

When you’re a stranger in a community, on top of not looking like a local, the way you dress and the things you wear can set you apart even more and make you a target for a variety of things. Especially if you walk around with a camcorder wanting to film everything.

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