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The Future Member

One of the things we’ve been talking about more or less often is getting a small dog in Peace Corps. Every time I see a stray dog soi or a poufy little dog riding in the front basket of a motorbike, I wish it could be mine. We’ve already picked out names for our new pet. If it’s a male it’ll be Toorak and if it’s a female it’ll be Murumbeena. Maybe it’ll be a cute as the one in the picture?

NOTE: Still no word from our placement officer. ((sigh))

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We just had our appointment this week for our panoramic x-rays and bitewings, as well as a general check-up at Grace Dental–a nice dentist office for expats and other foreigners. It wasn’t so bad, except for the fact that the dentist who took my x-rays said that potentially I have a zillion teeth that could turn into cavities. She also told Will that he only need to go to the dentist every 12-18 months, while I should go every 6 months.

I brush 2-3 times a day and floss every night besides Friday nights! I’ve also drastically reduced my sugar consumption, when I do eat candy I don’t chew in and I always rinse with water afterwards. I’m quite upset by this news. Quite. Upset.

We’ll see what they have to say when we get our cleanings done next Sunday. Hm!

The only positive part of the experience so far is that both sets of panoramic x-rays and bitewings end up costing 1,700 baht, which is around $40 total. My co-payment alone when I had dental insurance was that much.

Still no word from our placement officer…she was meant to get back to us by the 15th. But really, what do dates mean anyway?

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Almost there…

Our placement officer told us that if she hasn’t gotten back to us by the 15th then we should go ahead and email her again. It’s a good thing I have lots of things to keep me busy from thinking about Peace Corps…things like THAILAND!!!

She mentioned that the next time she contacted us she’d have “more details” on the situation. Yes, very vague. But it’ll be news at last.

I still haven’t contacted the embassy for a list of English-speaking dentists to get this dental clearance ordeal going. (((sigh))) Thai dentistry anyone?

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We were recently informed about who are placement officer will be, so I sent her an email a week ago or two just to introduce ourselves. She replied shortly before the new year and she seemed really enthusiastic about working with us.

However, she mentioned that they are “still working to find a match” for us where we can maximise our skills and our experiences can be maximised. That sounds good, but didn’t they already do that? Wasn’t that what the nomination process was about, which took nearly a month to complete at the placement office?

Hmmm. Trying. To. Remain. Calm.

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