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I’ve Spoken Too Soon

Well, Will got dental clearance last week and I haven’t gotten it at all. I contacted someone in the medical screening office to ask what the deal was and apparently they sent me a letter saying that either the forms were not complete, which is impossible, or I need more dental work done.

All I have to say is that they better not tell me I need to get more fillings done for cavities that I don’t have!

Thing is, I have to wait until we get back to Melbourne in about a week’s time to see what the fuss is about. (((((sigh)))))

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Yesterday we went to pick up our dental clearance documents from the dentist. The weekly visits to the dentist are now officially over! We trekked over to UPS (who knew they had UPS in Thailand…) and sent those babies over to Washington. They told it’d take 3-4 bussiness days to arrive, which is fine by me.

I bet that we’ll get dental clearance before we hear from our placement officer.

Bets for next Thursday anyone? Do I hear $5?

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This information made my day and it’s thanks to the Yahoo! group:

1. Placement officers are meant to be looking at files for July-September early to mid next month, which means that we should be hearing from our placement officer any day now. Although I’m kind of not holding my breath anymore.

2. Honduras departs on June 21st and El Salvador departs on June 5th. As far as I know they are the only two programs in Latin America that fit our program nominations and departure date. Our recruiter told us that we wouldn’t be departing before the 15th because we couldn’t due to school, so…I’m betting on Honduras.

3. How about Honduras for wishful thinking?!

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Will had his wisdom teeth removed yesterday evening and I got to watch!

I was sitting in the waiting room and one of the assistants comes over to me and asks, “Would you like to come in with him? I think he’s scared…”. Uhm, sure ok. I follow her to the room, take my shoes off before entering and am greeted by Will’s surprised face. “What are you doing here?” I told him I was there to watch and he proceeds to tell me that they were going to take out his teeth without giving him anything besides novacaine. I give a “What?! Are you crazy?” look to the dentist and her assitants and they giggle. I’m like, “Whatever, if the guy is going to suffer, I’ll suffer with him.” I saw the look on his face, it kind of made me hurt inside. At least they gave him a pill to relax him that didn’t really have too much effect. It took about 2 hours and it was painful to watch–I saw him gripping the chair and wriggling his feet. It’s all over now. He’s alive.

Today I had to get some fillings. I was dreading this day. I absolutely hate going to the dentist because everytime I go they tell me I have cavivities. I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy to sucky my student pockets dry! Anyhow, I sit in the chair and make myself comfortable. Apparently I had 6 cavities!!! That’s ludicrous! Completely impossible! They weren’t even surface cavities, they were cavities one gets due to a lack of flossing–which I do religiously, except for Fridays. I’ve even drastically reduced my candy consumption, when I do eat candy I don’t chew it and I always rinse with water afterwards. Apparently that’s not a good system. It was very unpleasant experience, especially when I wasn’t given any novacaine because the cavity wasn’t “big” by Thai standards. “Let’s just drill those spots to see if they really are cavities…”.

Bottom line is, I’m convince that all of these “spots” they found on the x-rays were places that had the potential to turn into cavities at some point in my life–which is why they drilled the hell out of me and only gave me a flouride treatment to “recalcify” me teeth. Ugh.

I’m giving up candy for good. I’m so glad this was the last appointment, Thai dentistry is cheap but I need my novacaine!

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