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On Becoming a chef

What do you do if you already know what you want to be when you grow up but you can’t become that just yet? I want to be a chef. Yesterday I wanted to be a translator. Last year I wanted to get a PhD. I still want to be a translator and if I could afford it, I’d get a PhD as well.

So, now I find myself in this position. I know that I want to be a chef and that I WILL go to culinary school. But, the problem is that both of Will and I can’t be in school at the same time, so I have to wait at leat two years. We also have to wait for our permanent residency application to go through and be settled in that department. What am I meant to be doing in the mean time? I can’t work in a cafe or a restaurant because I have almost zero experience and that kind of job isn’t going to pay for the lifestlye we want to have, make loan payments or pay for holidays to Fiji. So I guess I’ll take the administrator -translator route for the next two years and see what happens after we get PR.If I could spend days planning meals and cooking them I would, that’s where the personal chef part comes into play. I might work in a commerical kitchen for a bit, just to get experience until we open up The Dirty Flamingo Bar, Grille & Hostel. I don’t care for the hours that chefs have to work or the immense amount of stress that everyone is under in the kitchen. I can handle stress, but a lot of other people handle it very badly. That’ll suck the fun out of cooking in no time.

NOTE: Jamie Oliver isn’t my heroe or anything, I just bought his first cookbook at TJ Max for $5. Even though it wasn’t a vegetarian cookbook, I bought because a)I like Jamie Oliver’s School Dinners tv series and b) it was only $5! This is actually the first cookbook I’ve bought that wasn’t vegetarian.

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