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Spring Cleaning

This once-yearly event is usually set aside for that special time of the year when it’s finally safe to come out of hibernation from the winter months and get rid of all the rubbish we’ve been hoarding all winter — including the things we couldn’t bare to part with several spring ago.

Yesterday I went through my wardrobe and got rid of everything that I haven’t worn since last year. I neatly folded everything, placed in an empty French Connection shopping bag and placed it next to the chair in my bedroom. The bag will probably sit in that exact location well into the heat of summer and might possibly see the first throes of autumn.

The arrival of Spring also means that we must seriously start contemplating the arrival of the warm summer months and begin to think about the long list of “I can’t wait until summer comes so I can…” to-do’s.

Summer means longer days, balmy nights (most of which I will spend slaving away in a hot kitchen as is the nature of my chosen profession), the revival of street cafe culture and dinning al fresco.

This new season also signals the revival of The Chronicles! Stay tuned…

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As a recently engaged gal, planning a wedding that is 18 months away has been very time-consuming. I still do find time to cook and eat and work…miraculously enough! Here are some photos of my proudest kitchen moments from the past weeks.

In order of appearance we have, roast portobellos with lentil salsa and a snow pea tendril salad, followed by an eggplant and chili rice pilaf and last, but hardly least, butternut squash, chickpea, chili and mint soup. I’ve been working on food presentation ideas, as most vegetarian dishes seem to be a bit flat and lacking the excitement of meat-centred dishes. Even though I don’t care for mushrooms, at all, I’d scarf those down in a heartbeat!

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Light Bites

Geez. I forgot I had a blog for a few moments there!

Good news! I’m leaving school at the end of the semester and getting my life back!

The course content was a bit misleading, not to mention, useless at this point in my career. The actual reason I enrolled was out of desperation to remain legal in Australia with a minimal price tag…but it’s just wrong and pointless.

The semester ends mind-June and once again, I will be a free, blog-writing woman.

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When I graduated from trade school and became a qualified cook last November, I bought myself a treat I’d had my eyes on for some time: a bright red Kitchenaid mixer. Most cooks know the value of these precious bits of a machinery and how big of a dent they can leave in your bank account. I decided to cut corners and have one sent to a US address and pick it up while I was travelling through the country over the holidays. I went online, placed the piece of machinery in my shopping cart and purchased it. Once we actually met in person, we found out she was too heavy to take as carry on baggage, so we took a trip to the post. I posted my little mixer and away it went to Australia arriving not more than 2 weeks later. Weeks and weeks past, as my little mixer sat in its original packaging, just wishing someone would whip up some pavalovas or make a gorgeous bread dough.

It didn’t occur to me that purchasing a voltage converter to support 325 watts of power here in Australia would set me back nearly $200! The purchase, plus shipping, plus the converter that arrived today via FEDEX still cost me half of what these little gems go for at David Jones, but not quite as cheap as I’d hoped.

Ms. Kitchenaid

Mission accomplished: I know have 500 watts of power to feed my little mixer and I’ve cleared off a space on my bench top just for her.

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One of the benefits of being a student (again) is the predictable weekly timetable — you have work on certain days of the week and you have school on certain days of the week. I’ve just accepted a full offer to study Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management, for which I have already enrolled, which commences this coming Wednesday. It’s been a really hectic month trying to get into this course at the last minute as the course started on February 4th and I applied two weeks prior to that date out of desperation to keep my resident status in this country a legal one.

The downside of having a career in the hospitality industry is having to work when everyone else is having fun, and, working on a rotating roster. Being back in school is changing all that and I’m making a run for it and joining my friends for an early dinner at Movida this coming Thursday at 6pm.

Movida has been dubbed the best tapas restaurant in the entire country. Having had a 3-year on-again-off-again affair with Spain, this place has been at the top of my “to do” list for ages.

Stay tuned for drool-worthy photos.

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