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Spring Cleaning

This once-yearly event is usually set aside for that special time of the year when it’s finally safe to come out of hibernation from the winter months and get rid of all the rubbish we’ve been hoarding all winter — including the things we couldn’t bare to part with several spring ago.

Yesterday I went through my wardrobe and got rid of everything that I haven’t worn since last year. I neatly folded everything, placed in an empty French Connection shopping bag and placed it next to the chair in my bedroom. The bag will probably sit in that exact location well into the heat of summer and might possibly see the first throes of autumn.

The arrival of Spring also means that we must seriously start contemplating the arrival of the warm summer months and begin to think about the long list of “I can’t wait until summer comes so I can…” to-do’s.

Summer means longer days, balmy nights (most of which I will spend slaving away in a hot kitchen as is the nature of my chosen profession), the revival of street cafe culture and dinning al fresco.

This new season also signals the revival of The Chronicles! Stay tuned…

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